It’s The Immigrants!

The one certainty in Putin Land-sometimes referred to as, Russia, is that whenever things get bad or someone is robbed, the government will announcea new attack upon immgrants in their fair land. An “ethnic Russian,” that means someone born in Mother Russia of good solid Russian heritage, was killed in a market place. Reports suggested that a “non-Russian” did the killing and so the initial reaction was a riot. By the next day, the government decided that it had to act and sent dozens of policemen into ethnic areas to arrest over a thousand people. The police insist it was just an ordinary raid upon an ordinary group of people in order to handle an ordinary murder case.

As of this moment, there is no identification of the murderer. No one knows who killed the “ethnic Russian.” I guess if it turns out that an “ethnic Russian” killed an “ethnic Russian” the police have to raid another immigrant center.