It’s The Parent’s Fault!

The mayor of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen, has come up with a fascinating approach to dealing with children who encounter problems in life–punish their parents! He believes that if children do not attend school or get into crime the culprit is mom and dad. My parents were immigrants from Europe who arrived in the United States with scarce a penny in their pockets. They worked hard to adjust to the new world of America. Pop worked his butt off fifteen hours a day, and frequently did not grasp the complexity of life in America. But, he voted in every election, he read two newspapers a day and did his best. Mr. Jensen lacks any comprehension of problems encountered by ALL parents. Which parent has always been successful with the outcome of their children as adults? I am the father of four and each has grown into a decent human. Perfect, they are not.

We suggest that Jensen adopt the following program to ensure peace and happiness:

1. Politicians be sent to jail if they fail to balance the budget.

2. Politicians be sent to jail if they fail to end ALL CRIME!

3. The entire Congress of the United States be held financially responsible for debts and war.