It’s Them Jews!

During World War II, a large segment(not all) of the people of Hungary either stood by and ignored or participated with Germans in the murder of Jews. Since the end of communism, Hungarian Jews have been active in the economic, cultural and political life of the country along with other groups. But, to Jobbik, a far right group of native born Nazis, the Jews are the source of any economic problems in the country.

Marton Yongyosi rose in Parliament to warn his fellow countrymen that Jews are the source of all evil in their fair land. He urged the government to “tally up  people of Jewish ancestry who live here, especially in the Hungarian government, who indeed pose a national security risk to Hungary.” Later, he claimed the list was to be those who  were Israeli Jews. I am confused if an Israel Jew is living in Hungary they are not a citizen and can’t vote.

Oh well, Hitler is alive and well in Hungary!