It’s Them, Not Me, Says Iraq PM!

It is time for the world to recognize why Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki of Iraq is a misunderstood man. This poor guy has been attempting for months to get rid of opponents, he has tried his hardest to make life miserable for the Sunni minority, and no one will appreciate his efforts to gain all power for himself. Recent release of WikiLeaks reveal horrible stories of torture and abuse by Iraq soldiers and police, but as far as Maliki is concerned, these documents and photos are simply part of a plot to end democracy, at least as he defines democracy, in Iraq. “There are some political intrests behind the media campaign who are trying to use the documents against national leaders, especially the Prime Minister.” Darn right, there are. These media folk have got in in their minds that Iraq police or soldiers engaged in some torture. But, beyond showing films of torture or releasing documents about torture, exactly what evidence are they producing to show there was torture? OK, so a few documents claim that Maliki had connections with death squads, but, as of this point in time, there is NO film showing Mr. Maliki actually torturing anyone!

The truth of the matter is there is no smoking gun which actually shows Maliki or anyone connected with his office killing people or hanging them up by their wrists. After all, as former Secretary of Defense Don Rumsfeld pointed out, making people stand is no big deal, he stands during the day, why can’t prisoners. Claims about light shining in the eyes of prisoners is no different than the lights on his desk. As for claims of beating prisoners, heck, wealthy men pay women to beat the hell out of them!

God bless Prime Minister Maliki. I wonder if he has considered converting to Christianity and thus gaining Tea Party support for his efforts?