It’s Them, Not Me!

National Security Agency head, General Keith Alexander is somewhat upset. The Director of the NSA is being blasted by Congress for spying on leaders of other nations, but in his view, the agency is simply carrying out requests from US diplomats who want to know what other diplomats think, James Carew Rosapepe, who served as an ambassador, asked Alexander why there is spying. Alexander responded by arguing his agency does not make selections as to who is spied upon, “the policymakers come up with the requirements. One of those groups would have been, let me think, hold on, oh,ambassadors!” Everyone enjoyed a good laugh.

However, Secretary of State John Kerry had a different slant on what is going on in the spy world. He told Congress the NSA had certain practices which occurred “on autopilot” and were not known to members of gveernment. Back and forth went claims. Alexander insisting he is not responsible and the executive which hired Alexander claiming they had no knowledge of anyone being told to listen in to phone calls of foreign leaders.

In the end, members of Congress who want spying will simply shout: 9/11 and Alexander will nod his head and the spying will continue. “National Security” always wins.