It’s Them, Not Us!

The outgoing president of Egypt, Adly Mansour decided as his gift to the women of his country to issue a law that made sexual harassment of females a crime in the country. In theory, if a male engages in harassment of a female, he could be sent to jail for six months and forced to pay a fine. A recent United Nations study revealed that 99.2% of women in Egypt reported to have been threatened, at one point or another in their lives, by men engaged in the act of harassment. Eba’a El Tamimi of HarassMap argues the problem stems from the reality that “society does not see it as a crime. And, police tend to sympathize with the harassers or be harassers themselves.” Police argue the problem is not Us, it it them since even if they enforced the law, males would turn their anger on the police.

I do understand the dilemma. However, my main interest is in the .07% of women who did not report being sexually harassed. So, how come this group never got harassed? I think we need a massive study of women in this group in order to learn how to avoid getting sexually harassed in Egypt. Or, we can organize groups of women to harass men, you know, play with their penis in public. Or, give them a nice swat on the butt. Fair is fair!