It’s Them, Not Us, Asserts Israeli Leader

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert asserted his nation was prepared to sign a treaty of peace but Palestinians were unable to get together in order to achieve peace in the Middle East. “If we have not reached (this agreement) by now, this is–first and foremost–the result of Palestinian leaders’ weakness, lack of will nd lack of courage in reaching an agreement. Everything else is excuses and attempts to divert attention from the main issue.” The assumption of the prime minister is that a fair offer has been placed on the table, but Palestinians do not wish to cooperate. He cited offers made by prior Israeli prime ministers like Ehud Barak who were willing to give up major portions of the West Bank. Naturally, Olmert did not not mention his successor, Benjamin Netanyahu opposes giving any concessions to Palestinians.

The issue is not whether either side is willing to sign a treaty of peace. Of course, each would love signing one that gave them everything they desire. The real issue is the need for Israel to evacuate most West Bank areas, and the recent election witnessed victories for those political parties which oppose such a move.