It’s Them, Not Us, Says Netanyahu

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insisted that he was willing to go along with another three month freeze on new settlement construction in the West Bank, but President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton decided another freeze was simply a waste of time. Coming across as the man who wants peace, Bibi protested that he called Obama and agreed to another three month freeze, but the United States “decided against that direction, rightfully in my opinion” because Obama believed it was simply a waste of time. According to Netanyahu it is Palestinians who do not wish to engage in peace negotiations. Let’s examine reality:

1. President Abbas has agreed to recognize Israel and work with it for peace in the Middle East. He is the first Palestinian leader who has shown such an open attitude for peace.

2. Netanyhu insists Palestinians must agree to recognize that Israel is a “Jewish state” even though one-fourth of its population is Muslim.

3. Netanyahu insists there can be no “preconditions” before negotiations–unless it is his preconditions.

4. There will be violence unless peaceful negotiations proceed.