It’s Them, Not US!

The  ongoing mantra of the Republican party is that any problem confronting the American people was caused by the Democratic party and the evil  one in the  White House. Republicans refused to raise taxes on their beloved wealthy supporters and imposed the notorious -sequester- and the end result is  chaos in areas such as airlines. Someone has to guide planes to safety and it the Federal Aviation Administration has less money it has fewer resources to get those planes landed in a safe manner. So, who is to blame? Barack Obama!

Republicans insist the president is at fault because he could have allowed the FAA to shift funds around. Of course, there would not be that necessity if funding had not been cut, but, why miss an opportunity to blame the president?A new bill was rushed through which allows the FAA to maintain the same number of personnel needed at airports.

One day, Republicans will admit that asking a person who earns a million a year to pay an extra $40,000 will not send him to the poor house.