When British and American forces in WWII reached the German Siegfried Line, they took a deep breath and went around it. There are times in war when those on the offense must realize continuing to bank your head against an enemy force that will not budge, simply will not work. The basis problem in Afghanistan was the five years that George Bush wasted by diverting attention to Iraq and failing to develop Afghanistan’s economy and military. This allowed the Taliban to return to areas from which they had fled. Thousands of American and NATO troops are now pouring into areas held by the Taliban. Mohammad Atik, age 50, recently fled with his family from their home. “People are afraid. Taliban rockets destroy our houses and we’re scared that we’ll be bombed by NATO or targeted by night operations.” Khan Mohammad, age 35, also fled. “People don’t always like the Taliban, but they accept them because they’re afraid.” A tribal elder said the Taliban was offering money to the jobless.

Reality is few Afghans have the slightest understanding of American strategy. They don’t know how long western forces will remain, but they know once they are gone, welcome, the Taliban. Barack, face reality, George Bush screwed up so bad that it is too late to fix things. Your basic mistake was not spending time explaining the entirety of the Afghan mess to the American people. You allowed Fox News to provide them with a story. Unfortunately, it is the wrong story.