It’s You, Not Us!

The Ayatollah Khamenei of Iran is an important person in his nation so when he speaks about life, the world, other nations, this religious man is essentially informing those who are ignorant as to the truth. He is somewhat upset at western nations for imposing sanctions on Iran until there is a cease in developing an atomic bomb. The Ayatollah interprets such a viewpoint as insulting to his “nation’s pride” and he does not intend to budge one iota. Who cares about a few garbage cans set on fire, most probably that was done by Mossad or its agents. The important thing is that no sanction, no collapse of the Iranian economy will bother this man o f God.

As far as he is concerned, Western attitudes toward his nation derive from “spite and hatred” which, of course, is what western nations always say about those with whom they differ. This is a man who is convinced he represents Truth! On the other hand, there is a minor problem about the collapse of Iran’s monetary system. I suspect that problem will be handled by praying to God.