Ivory Coast Good Guys Kill And Rape

Laurent Gbagbo is a paranoid petty little thug whose only desire in life is to retain power. He was defeated by Alassane Quattara in a f air election, but has refused to leave office which has thrown his country into a mad, crazy civil war in which thousands are being killed or wounded. One would assume those who defeated him offer a better world for the people of this exhausted land. A recent report by Human Rights Watch claims soldiers who support Quattara have worked their way across the country defeating supporters of Gbagbo, but in the process they kill,rape and mutilate those who support their opponents. Gbagbo sits in his underground bunker defying the world and convinced that his remaining in power is a must, not merely for his own people, but for world peace.

Atrocities are being committed by both the good and the bad guys. Women are being abused, children killed, and soldiers fight to kill and maim. Such is the world of all too many parts of Africa.