Jacob Zuma Cleared By South African Judge

The effort by the government of President Mbeki to bring charges against his African National Congress(ANC) rival, Jacob Zuma, backfired when High Court Judge Chris Nicholson ruled the decision to prosecute Zuma was invalid and based on political rather than legal considerations. African National Congress leaders hailed the verdict as a triumph for Constitutional procedures. Nicholson ruled the National Prosecuting Authority(NPA) acted as though it was a law unto itself and that Zuma was not responsible for the continual delays in bringing him to trial. Zuma has always argued charges against him were initiated by President Mbeki as part of his attempt to drive him from a leadership role in the ANC.

However, many people still believe there are serious allegations concerning fraud which have never been addressed by Zuma and fear legal errors on the part of the NPA have allowed more serious mistakes to go unpunished. Ironically, Zuma has been arguing against trusting the courts to be fair, a claim that now has been proven wrong.