Jacob Zuma Denies Reality of Zimbabwe

President Jacob Zuma of South Africa is either taking something that makes him impervious to reality or he simply sees the world quite differently than those in the world. He told the media that at the next meeting of the regional SADC he will announce his support of the current government in Zimbabwe led by President Robert Mugabe. Yes, it is a coalition government, yes, Prime Minister Tsvangirai has done an outstanding job of stabilizing the economy, but Mugabe thugs continue to control the police and military. They continue seizing land from white farmers, not to allow farm workers to assume responsibility, but to allow Mugabe friends to exploit farms for their own financial interests. Zumna continues the idea that once a member of the liberation movement, always right –even if you are a thug and dictator!

Cry the beloved country of Zimbabwe. Jacob Zuma is not your friend.