Jacob Zuma Zooming Ahead!

South Africa’s Parliament elected Jacob Zuma as the new president of the nation. Zuma was born in poverty, self educated himself, and slowly but surely became a confident leader who could inspire the people of his land. However, his new position raises issues of concern as well as expectation. He has a reputation of being close to militants on the left side of the political spectrum which is on concern to the business community of South Africa. They are awaiting his appointments to key positions of economic leadership in the government in order to receive evidence those individuals will be able to obtain the support of businessmen. Zuma promised, “I hope to lead the country on a path of friendship, cooperation, harmony, unity and faster change.”

The faster change must include evidence that concerns of poor people are addressed in a society which has a huge economic gap between those on the bottom and those on top. The African National Congress just feel short of two-thirds in Parliament which means it can not push through constitutional change without cooperation from other political parties. Zuma has to improve the lives of poor people without upsetting the lives of the middle and upper classes. Can he pull it off?