Jaime, You Are Right, Govt Is Wrong!

Jaime Dimon is head of J.P.Morgan and he wants the nation to know that his organization if terrific and does an outstanding job. He is proud to head such an institution and the proof of his terrific job is being awarded a $23 million package by grateful stockowners. Unfortunately, being an important man he has to submit himself to questions by members of Congress who do not receive $23 million packages and believe they actually have the right to ask JAMIE questions! One asked about Tarp money received and Jaime pointed out that J.P. Morgan did not want or seek the money but took it because the GOVERNMENT FORCED HIM TO TAKE MONEY!

What is this country coming to when businessmen are FORCED to take hundreds of millions from the government. This is the first step on the road to SOCIALISM! First the government forces you to take money, then the government thinks they have a right to ask questions about the money you took and, who knows, is the next step they want to find you guilty about something?

Jaime was asked about the $2 billion mistake that cost J.P. Morgan money. OK, Jaime heads the institution, but where did anyone get the idea he is responsible for mistakes by those he hired?? No one in London told him of a “poorly conceived” strategy that “violates common sense.” Jaime is shocked that liberals in Congress want to hold him responsible for such actions.

Let’s face it:

J.P. Morgan had financial problems.

That SOCIALIST guy from Africa forced money on him.

It is the fault of Barack Obama for mistakes in  London.

After all, “The American business machine is the best in the world.” At least it pays the best salaries to those who run it of any business machine in the world.