James Murdoch Blasted By Own Editors!

When first we practice to deceive, the tangled web of distortion and ill advises recollections can result in someone heading to a jail cell. James Murdoch told a Parliament committee that he was not fully informed about details of an out-of-court settlement by News of The World with football union head Gordon Taylor. He insisted the entire incident as to what occurred was news to him. Colin Meyer, former editor of News of the World and Tom Crone, former head of legal affairs of the paper, sent a statement to the Parliament committee which reads, “we would like to point out that James Murdoch’s recollection of what he what he was told when agreeing to settle the Gordon Taylor litigation was mistaken. In fact, we did inform him of the ‘for Neville’ email which had been produced for us by Gordon Taylor’s lawyer.” A spokesperson for James Murdoch responded: “James Murdoch stands by his testimony to the select committee.”

Frankly, I have no idea of telling who is telling the accurate version as to what happened. But, at this point, if it turns out that James Murdoch did not tell the truth, then it is time to send the all powerful prince of darkness to a dark cell in some dark prison where he can contemplate how many times his newspapers and media outlets have smeared the names and reputations of innocent people. I wonder if James Murdoch is unaware of the Fox News smear campaign against President Obama which told America their president was born in Africa!