James Murdoch: I’m The Boss, I Think?

James Murdoch is an important man since he is the son of a man who runs a huge empire that scans the globe. Fox News in America daily insults the president of the United States and spouts lies concerning his birth origin as well  as urging Americans to select one of a host of incompetent boobs as their next president. Of course, Jimmy the Aussie, is back in the United Kingdom. His newspaper, the News of the World had to close down due to criminal behavior, and the head man of the operation, Jimmy the Aussie, is shocked at the very thought of such behavior!

Jimmy the Aussie, told Parliament a few months ago that he was neveer told anything about phone hacking. Former editor of the newspaper, Colin Meyler and former legal advisor, Tom Crone, told Parliament he was informed. However, Jimmy the Aussie, wants the world to know: “any suspicion of wider wrongdoing was never mentioned to me.” He was “blindsided” by these men.

Jimmy the Aussie vigorously denies knowing what was going on in his own paper. Look, Jimmy is the boss of the empire. Does anyone expect the boss to know what goes on? As on member of Parliament put it: “You must be the first Mafia boss    in history who didn’t know he was running a criminal empire.”