James Watson, DNA Pioneer – Blacks Just Ain’t Smart As We Whites!

James Watson, who won the Nobel Prize for his work on DNA, caused a furor with his comments that appeared in the London Times. Watson stated that “he was extremely gloomy about the prospect of Africa” because “all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours–whereas all testing says not really.” He noted it was natural to believe all humans are equal in intelligence but “people who have to deal with black employees find this is not true.” His new book will argue that capacities of people who have been separated geographically have significant differences. In 1997, Watson created a storm of protest when he told a British newspaper that a woman should have a right to abort an unborn child if it could be determined the child would turn out to be homosexual.

The remarks of James Watson merely reveals an old truism — people with book learning can be as stupid as those who have no education. It would require several volumes in order to respond to his lack of knowledge about history and human migration. Egypt, an African nation, for a few thousand years dominated large areas of the world and was much further advanced than white European barbarians. It would require many pages to list the names of black writers, artists, scientists, and leaders. A fundamental misunderstanding is his lack of knowledge regarding human migrations. All humans came out of Africa. We have been wandering back and forth across this planet for thousands of years. After all, inhabitants of the western hemisphere originally came from Asia. I’m glad Mr. Watson never had to deal with an employee such as Nelson Mandela, I guess he would have preferred the more intelligent Adolf Hitler. As for his remarks about aborting potential “homosexuals” it boggles my mind to find a response that could be stated in polite English.

  • Atheist

    The writer of this article is one more liberal idiot on the net. Watson claimed that people of sub-Saharan African heritage (black for short) are “on average” less intelligent than Europeans. The works of Professor Phillipe Rushton of University of Western Ontario prove this fact. In fact, East Asians, on average, score 5 IQ points more than white people which makes them slightly more intelligent than white people. This is justified by non-verbal, non-culturally-biased IQ tests. Whites 100, East Asians 105, sub-Saharan Africans at 70, south Asians at 81. Brain size also corresponds to IQ. East Asians having the highest average brain size. The difference between Whites and Blacks in brain size is 100 grams, which explains the 30 point gap. All the races — Caucasoid, Mongoloid, and Negroid — had different evolutionary phases. Their cranial structure, average brain size, average penile length are different.

    Egypt wasn’t a Negroid civilization. In fact it was predominantly Caucasian. Caucasian doesn’t mean white. It is just bone structure. Arabs, Afghans and Hebrews are Caucasians. So were the ancient Egyptians.

    Having a civilization before the Europeans did, doesn’t mean the oldest civilization is the most brilliant. India had the oldest of all, the Indus Valley Civilization; Japan was a relatively new comer. Compare the IQ gap between India and Japan, 81 and 105, respectively. So you are wrong.

    You are a moron!

  • http://www.theimpudentobserver.com Fred Stopsky

    Your assumption is that an IQ test measures intelligence. Where is your proof?

  • Jenkins

    The comment by ‘Atheist’ is far better then the original piece by Stopsky… It does not simply pander to the PC brigade, but trys to inform.

    Stopsky writes to promote Stopsky – he thinks of an opinion that people will want to read, then writes it out- simply to promote himself at the expence of anyone… even a man who’s given his life to science.

  • theOneWithoutASecond

    James Watson is a liberal atheist, and everybody knows that EVERY liberal atheist is a racist just like James Watson

    First of all IQ tests don’t show that blacks are less intelligent, for some strange reason all of the IQ data not collected by Richard Lynn doesn’t support racism, why is this?

    Let’s look at IQ data NOT collected by Richard Lynn but by other sources:
    Jew (European, American). . . . . 115
    Asian (in the U.S.) . . . . . . 108
    East Indian (from India, in the U.S.) 108
    U.S. White (Northern European, Urban) 105
    U.S. White (Southern European). . . 100
    U.S. White (Rural, South) . . . . 95
    U.S. Black (North and West). . . . 90 – Oscar Falconi

    What’s this? East Indian IQ in the US is 108 even though Lynn’s India’s IQ data shows an average of 81 for India?

    Maybe economies and environments have much more to do with IQ than race but the liberal atheist idiot James Watson couldn’t figure it out

    According to the IQ data collected by IQLeague.com the smartest nation is Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

    Why is it that all the data not collected by liberal racists like Richard Lynn always contradicts their claims?

    James Watson BTW just plagiarized and copied from Rosalin Franklin, it’s proven since Watson himself said he read Franklin’s papers without her knowing and hers were published way before Watson’s