Janjaweed Commander Blames Sudan

A high ranking commander in the Sudan forces who led Janjaweed forces on their terrorist campaign to kill, rape, and brutalize people, confessed he conducted these operations at the behest of the Sudanese government. Prosecutors at the International Criminal Court are using a deposition made by Arbab Idries, who was a key Janjaweed commander between 2003 to 2007, as a key piece of evidence in bringing forth the case against President Omar Hassan al-Bashr of Sudan. In a filmed interview with a British journalist, Idries described how he was instructed by a senior government official to recruit Islamic Arabic speakers from the north of Sudan, then personally led 5,000 horsemen in a murderous campaign against black southerners who did not share their religion. He admitted his troops raped and killed children and the elderly. “We were attacking villages where there were only the blacks. These people were civilians. They had no weapons.”

Ironically, Idries and many of his own men had black skin, but apparently, they had the right religion. The government of the Sudan for years has insisted the Janjaweed attacks were linked to tribal disputes but the Idries testimony demonstrates conclusively, the Sudan government is responsible for the massacres in Darfur.

Unfortunately, the International Criminal Court has no power to force Sudan leaders to appear in court. Given the reluctance of African leaders to even deal with a brutal leader like Mugabe of Zimbabwe, there is scant hope they will turn on Sudan leaders.