January 17, 1961–Warning About War!

Yesterday, we remembered the work of Martin Luther King who did so much for the rights of Americans. But, yesterday was also the fiftieth anniversary of the famous speech by outgoing President Dwight Eisenhower in which he warned the American people about the dangers of the rising “military-industrial complex” which threatened to dominate government and transform America into a nation in which war and death were common occurrences. Since that warning by the man who led British and American forces in Europe during World War II, the United States has been involved in bloody war in Vietnam, troops have died in Lebanon, they have fought in the Gulf War and since 2001 our men and women have been dying or getting wounded in Afghanistan and Iraq. The American military budget equals expenditures of all military budgets in the world when combined. Yet, there will be Republican critics who will be angry if the Obama administration seeks to reduce military expenditures.

A twenty percent reduction in military costs over the coming decade would save America nearly two trillion which is money needed to rebuild our infrastructure, pay medical costs and reduce college tuition. We doubt if the Republican or Democratic parties have any interest in such reductions. After all, one must take care of local companies which are part of the military-industrial complex!