Japan Needs Immigrants Urge Business Leaders

Japan historically has closed itself off from allowing immigrants to enter their nation, but as society ages and the number of young people declines there is little option other than making changes in immigration policy. The Japanese Business Federation urged their nation’s leaders to make dramatic changes in policy in order to draw upon immigrant labor in fields ranging from welfare to manufacturing, construction and agriculture. The Federation argued there was need both for unskilled workers as well as recruiting more foreigners in high skill occupations. It is now clear Japan requires an influx of both talented foreigners with skills that are vital in an information society and these people must be integrated within society by learning Japanese and making their homes in their new country.

The Japanese population which currently numbers about 128 million is expected to drop by about 30 percent to roughly 90 million in the coming fifty years. By that time there will be 1.3 persons in the 15-64 age bracket for leach person aged 65 or older compared to today’s 3.3. There is great fear in the business community about success in an aged society. There are some Japanese political leaders who urge bringing into their country about ten million over the coming decades. There is no doubt, Japan in 2050 will be a multicultural society.