Japan Sends Latin American Japanese Back Home

Over a hundred years ago, about a million people from Japan headed east to the shores of South America where they settled and became active citizens. About ten years ago, the Japanese government was concerned about falling birth rates so it sent out a welcome to the descendants of those who had migrated. Thousands of Japanese people from Brazil and Peru came to Japan in search of work and reintegration to the land of their ancestors. Japan has tight immigration laws so they ordinarily allowed skilled people to enter the country. The economy has declined due to the world recession so the Japanese government is now offering money and transportation to those who left Brazil and Peru. Many have lost their jobs in places like Toyota and will most probably have to head home, of course, in this case, “home” is where they were born.

The new program of paying people to leave is only available to those of Brazilian and Peruvian ancestry. They came, they saw, they worked and now they can leave. Unfortunately for Japan, its birth rate continues to decline so in several years they will be beckoning back those who are leaving. Will they be interested for a second time around?