Japan Waits On Whaling Plans

The Japanese government has decided to hold off on further plans to pursue humpback whales in face of enormous pressure from nations throughout the world. Cabinet Minister Nobutaku Muchimu commented: “We will not change our plan to conduct whaling for scientific purposes but the government has decided to postpone humpback whaling..” He said Japan was not worried about Australia’s threats to send ships and planes to monitor Japan’s whaling expedition and blasted the International Whaling Conference for its “antagonistic ideology” in preventing Japanese scientists from conducting their investigations.

Mr. Muchimu appears not to grasp the point of world indifference to Japan’s science efforts, it is the eating efforts that bother people. He is absolutely correct in stating the IWC has an “antagonistic ideology” because of opposition to killing and eating humpback whales. No one can really figure out why a “scientific” expedition to study whales has to conclude by eating the object of one’s studies. Do Japanese scientists eat guinea pigs after they have been studied?