Japanese Aid Groups Leaving Afghanistan

The continuing deterioration in being able to provide individuals protection in war-torn Afghanistan has resulted in some Japanese organizations suspending their relief activities in order to protect personnel. The Basic Human Needs Association which has been active in developing telecommunications systems in that nation have pulled out its personnel after the death of a Japanese man. Kazuya Ito was first kidnapped and then killed by Taliban militants. The Basic Human Needs Association has already told its employees not to go out to eat and has imposed travel restrictions. “If the situation(in Afghanistan) becomes more dangerous, we will have to stop all dispatches of our members” said Masaharu Nonaka.

Many Japanese organizations are now re-evaluating whether they actually can remain involved in aid efforts in Afghanistan. Until, there is a new program in place which deals with issues diplomatically and economically as well as militarily, the situation will continue getting worse in terms of safety.