Japanese Court Rules Nanjing Massacre Happened!

In contrast to Germany which has confronted its World War II past in all its horror and human debasement, Japan has been a reluctant visitor in the halls of truth. A Tokyo High Court ruled that a Japanese author and the publisher of his book on the Nanjing Massacre must pay $38,800 in compensation to Xia Shugin, a Chinese plaintiff who charged she was defamed by the book. Japanese courts have now ruled the book entitled: “Complete Investgaton into the Nanjing Massacre” damaged the reputation of Xia, a woman who survived the horror of those horrible days of Japanese brutality. The court made clear the book falsely left the impression no such massacre had happened and the woman whose account was featured in a documentary made by the Reverend John Magee about the massacre was false.

On december 13, 1937, Japanese troops occupid Nanjing and during the following days killed 300,000 people as well as raping thousands of women. Authors like Shudo Higashinakano, prefer offering another view which has no connection with reality. A tragedy of Japanese education is failure to present a realistic account of their behavior during World War II. Instead, a more common view is that Japan was a victim of oppressive western imperialism.