Japanese Workers-Time For Sex, Not Work!

Japan is facing a demographic crisis in the coming decades which will result in a dramatic decline of its population unless the people of Japan lay off work in the office and get back to work in the bedroom. A recent survey of married couples revealed over half did not have sex over the past month. A high percent of men said they were “too tired” after working a full day to go home and have a little sex with their wives. A study bey Durex found that the average Japanese couple has sex about 45 times a year which is half the world average.

Japan has a birth rate of 1.34 which is the among the lowest in the world. If this rate persists, the Japanese population in 2050 will drop to 95 million from its current 124 million. Keidanren, Japan’s largest business organization is asking its 1,600 members to allow its married members to spend more time at home, and, hopefully, fooling around with the spouse in a burst of Japanese patriotism to keep their nation strong.