Japan’s Justice Minister Supports Death Penalty

Newly appointed Minister of Justice, Kunio Hatoyama strongly supports the death penalty and rejected suggestions for changes from his predecessor in the office. “The death penalty embodies preventive functions against crime. I disagree with abolishing the system.” He also argued against allowing unskilled or manual labor to immigrate to Japan claiming it would violate Japan’s culture to allow in those lacking high education and skills. He also noted: “This may not be the right thing to say, but that(immigration) could provoke an increase in crimes by foreign nationals.”

Haoyama trotted out all the outdated arguments against capital punishment that have repeatedly been disproved by research. There is no evidence abolishing capital punishment leads to an increase in murders, it simply is an unsubstantiated argument offered by opponents. As to “foreign nationals” being responsible for crime in Japan, one can assume there are sufficient Japanese criminals around to ensure crime will continue.