Japs, Jews, Wetbacks, And Mosques

In December, 1941, after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor that caused thousands of deaths, hysteria swept America, particularly on the West Coast and people reported that Japanese American farmers were planting their crops to show arrows pointed at important military locations. Angry mobs attacked Japanese American citizens and finally 120,000 were hauled off to internment camps. During the internment, about 5,000 Japanese American men volunteered to fight in what became the MOST decorated unit in US military history, the “Go For Broke Battalion.” The assumption of those who preached fear of Japanese was since Japan attacked the US this meant that any person of Japanese heritage was equally responsible for the attack. Of course, Germany declared war on the USA(we never declared war on Germany) but no one blamed German Americans for actions of Nazi, Germany. In 1950, two spies for the Soviet Union, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, were placed on trial for giving atomic bomb secrets to their Soviet friends, and both wound up in the electric chair. Hysteria swept America and for those who thrive on hate, ALL JEWS were responsible for the actions of the Rosenbergs. During WWII, over a million Mexicans were brought to America to work in the fields. They were immigrants from poor areas of Mexico, few knew much about world affairs and most were indifferent to the war. In the summer of 1943, mobs of American soldiers and sailors attacked young Mexican men and women. During the hysteria over 100 Mexican girls were raped on the streets of LA while the police stood by and laughed. The only ones arrested were Mexican men. The hysteria was based on lack of patriotism by Mexican immigrants.

The latest episode of hysteria is happening in New York City and on Fox News which stirs anger and hate. I noticed the other day some people carrying anti-Muslim signs saying Muslims were not welcome near the World Trade Center were Jews. Isn’t it ironic that the ancestors of these Jews were persecuted in America and told they were not welcome? Frankly, hysteria is always present in any nation. Fox News makes Joseph Goebbels feel happy.