Jaw Jaw Not War War Urges Jimmy Carter

Former President Jimmy Carter may not always express himself in the most polite manner and he certainly has upset Democratic party candidates by engaging in dialogue with Hamas officials, but he is among the few American politicians who understands wars end as a result of talk, not because of them. He again met with Hamas leaders in Cairo where he made clear, “Israelis are suffering as well as Palestinians and they both need peace.” Carter also spoke the obvious: “You can’t have an agreement that must involve certain parties, unless you talk to those parties to conclude the agreement. You have to involve Hamas.. They have to be involved in some way.”

Democratic presidential candidates are afraid to support any effort for peace in the Middle East which entails involving Hamas in discussion for fear of alienating Jewish voters, particularly since John McCain while in Israel supported every foreign policy decision of the Olmert government. There is scant hope any sense of reality can be injected into the current debate about Middle Eastern policy until after the election when, hopefully, a Democratic president will take up the mantle of assisting all parties in the Israel-Palestine conflict.