Jaw Jaw Rather Than War War?

American Secretary of State John Kerry is working with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on some sort of plan to prevent the dogs of war from getting unleashed to wander the skies of Syria with their growls of anger. President Assad mumbles threats, President Obama softly whispers that he wants to end the reign of bad people. Kerry believes he has an agreement which would result in Syrian chemical weapons being turned over to the United Nations. For the moment, and only the moment, this possibility appears to have become the solution of the moment for peace. Of course, this “peace” is not really peace. Men are shooting at one another, cities are being blasted to pieces, children are dying, millions are fleeing Syria headed anywhere they can discover a place of refuge, and the American government can boast it will not become involved in bombings. There is NO peace in Syria, there will not be a peace, and only violence is the order of the day.

President Barack Obama has come away from the precipice of war due to the help of President Bashar al-Assad. How ironic that Obama was rescued by the men who created this modern terror. Republicans claim this possible war is the result of Obama’s foreign policy failures. In reality, war in the Middle East stems from actions of President George Bush and his merry band of incompetents led by Rumsfeld/Cheney.

Say, what about that place called–AFGHANISTAN?