Je Suis Le Monarch!

Muhammed Mursi was –or is– the president of Egypt. It all depends is one is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood or belongs to the Egyptian military and secular Muslims in the land. Mursi was barely elected to the presidency and most secular Egyptians expected he would form a coalition government comprising every facet of the political and religious spectrum. But, this man was filled with his own self importance and regarded himself as the new Nasser, or at least a religious version of the great Egyptian leader. Mursi seized all power, attempted to control the judiciary, the legislature and the military. The result was economic chaos, loss of freedom and empowering the MB with all control of government. The end result was a military coup and now Mursi is on trial for a variety of crimes, including murder.

He informed the court: “I am Îr. Mohammed Mursi, the president of the republic.” He denounced the court as part of a military coup. Most probably he is correct, but his failure to work with all components of Egyptian society, and his failure to protect the lives of Christians resulted in his current presence in a court of law. He is an incompetent bungler who created an opportunity for the armed forces to return to power.