Jeb Bush is a loyal member of the clan which has ruled America for 12 of the past twenty five years so it is only normal that one so accustomed to power is upset when the contributions of his dad and brother are not recognized. The former governor blasted President Obama for “bullying” his brother by blaming Republican failures to oversee drilling and charged Obama will not accept responsibility for his own mistakes. “It is childish. This is what children do until they mature. They don’t accept responsibility.” OK, let’s examine the record;

1. Former President Clinton left George Bush a national debt of $5 trillion along with a balanced budget to begin paying it down.
a. George Bush left Barack Obama a national debt of $11 trillion along with a budget that was $400 billion in deficit.

2. George Bush inherited an America that was not engaged in any war.
a. George Bush left Barack Obama a war in Iraq, a war in Afghanistan and turmoil and conflict.

3. George Bush appointed men who disliked any government oversight of business.
a. Lack of oversight led to the oil spill because rules and regulations were not followed.

This is not an example of spilled milk, this is an example of a Bush administration that is incompetent.