Jeers, Cheers And Hypocrisy On Campaign Trail

The one guarantee about an American presidential election is the presence of two candidates each accusing the other of some form of evil and corruption. However, the campaign experienced a new twist when Senator Barack Obama was greeted at the University of Miami by black protestors accusing him of selling out the black community. They even held up signs proclaiming, “Barack Obama Endorsed by KKK).” No one knows who these protestors actually represent other than their own stupidity. Meanwhile, Senator John McCain, who has spent a quarter of century fighting against government regulation of the market place has now transformed himself into a twentieth century battler against Wall Street bankers. We can assume his Halloween costume will portray the right wing “maverick” dressed in a working man’s outfit with steel helmet and all. After all, if Sarah Palin is able to become an expert on Russia by looking across the Bering Straits, John McCain is able to become an expert on the working man by giving speeches in front of closed plants.

Naturally, McCain who has opposed government regulation as “socialism in action” now seeks to establish government regulation of the business community. He also blasted Barack Obama for taking money from Wall Street firms. The Arizona senator wanted to get across the point when he takes money from the corporate world it stems from opposing the interests of people who give him money, and the fact most of his top advisers work for lobbyists is necessary because having lobbyists working for you means they will not be working for their own corporate interests. I suspect McCain is the first political leader in American history to grasp the way to end power of lobbyists is to hire them.

McCain Quote of the Week: “Senator Obama may be taking their(Wall Street) advice and he may be taking their money, but in a McCain-Palin administration, there will be no seat for these people at the policy-making table. They won’t even get past the front gate at the White House.” But, Senator McCain, they currently work for you!!