Jeers For Russians

A problem with being a citizen in a nation that has aroused the anger and hate of the world is what your leader does influences how others view your presence. Eurovision 2014 is currently in progress and Russian entries are discovering that being a Russian means instant dislike regardless of talent or sill. The Tolmachev twin sisters are singers and were able to gain a spot in the finals, but when they appeared on stage boos and catcalls resounded from the audience in Copenhagen. The boos were not really for the girls, but for President Putin and his anti-gay policies as well as behavior in the Ukraine.

Lee Adams of the popular Eurovision fan site, Wiwibloggs noted that “there are a large number of gay people in the Eurovision crowd. In the wake of Putin’s anti-LGBT laws, they are particularly sensitive and I think that came through last night.” According to contest rules people can not vote for those from their own country. There is scant doubt, the twins will not win anything other than anger that is meant for Putin!