Jesus Chris, Just Tell The Truth!

Just when one thought the saga of Bridgegate was over, a new revelation emerges pointing to the figure of Chris Christie knew a lot more than he claims he did not know. After spending weeks insisting his initial knowledge of closing lanes in order to damage a mayor who his aides did not believe was displaying loyalty to the Republican governor, Chris now sort of changes his story. Latest version is that he “may have been aware” of the lane closing, but the man who claims to be a super administrator know insists that he did not grasp the significance of lane closing until newspapers brought this to his attention. Let me get this straight:

1. He became aware while the chaos was raging about closing lanes.

2. However, he was just too busy going to conventions of governors or people who wanted him to run for president,and thus did not recognize chaos when he was told about it.

3. It is all the fault of his people like David Wildstein and Bridget Kelly.

4. Oh, now insists that he really did not know this guy Wildstein who ordered the closures even though in his year book he notes that Wildstein was a great friend.

Chris, read about the Watergate scandal–TODAY!