Jesus Christ!

Historically, the nation we term, Syria, has been divided between religions for two thousand years begining with some Jews and then some Christians and finally, the Muslims came along to confuse the entire situation. As some will recall, about three years ago a rebellion broke out in Syria when those not satisfied with the government of President Assad took up arms-and other such weapons of war. Most Christians in Syria supported the Assad regime because they feared the rise of Islamic fundamentalists who, already have done an excellent job of driving Christians from Iraq. The prospect of an Islamic government just was not the goal of Christians who witnessed half the Christian population flee from Iraq.

Ordinarily, most folk sort of leave nuns alone. We were raised with films about singing nuns and nuns caring for the sick and teaching sweet little kids. So, what happens in Syria? Rebel fighters have seized 12nuns from a convent located in a Christian village. I have called Father O’Malley and he is ready to fly to Syria and use his wonderful Irish brogue out on the rebels. If I was the rebel force, I would flee for my life to avoid the anger of the good father.