Jesus Christ!!

For those of us old enough to recall the impact of “Jesus Christ Superstar” it was an exciting Broadway musical with wonderful songs. Of course, some rigid right wing conservatives were annoyed at a Broadway show that used the name of Jesus as an excuse to sing and dance and have a wonderful time. A Russian Orthodox church protest led to the closing of a Russian version of the play. Sergei Ivanov, close friend of President Putin, denounced the move as plain “stupid.”

He saw the play as a student in London in 1974 and had a great time. “I grew up in an atheistic state and knew nothing about elementary topics in the Bible. Thanks to this opera, I go to know them. So, I think this Rostov blockheadedness is just plain stupid.!”

We agree. For some religious folk praying to God for more money is “religious.” Let’s face reality, Jesus was a neat guy who brought smiles and joy to all!!