Jets For Freedom

The nation of Egypt is in chaos. Thousands are in the streets protesting about this or that. They are demanding one version of democracy over another. The economy is in shambles and what does the American government propose to restore freedom to a nation that actually has never enjoyed that form of government? The United States government has promised the Egyptian military four more jet planes. The US annually gives the Egyptian military about $1.4 billion in aid in order to ensure that its officers are able to enjoy free housing and nice new weapons of mass destruction.

Former President Mohamed Morsi is a former president as of this moment. The military and the police are back on the streets where they now encounter Muslim Brotherhood folk instead of secular folk. Hopefully, this latest episode of who is in power will conclude with some form of democratic society being formed. Actually, at this  point in time  ensuring that people have gasoline for cooking is probably the most important form of stability in Egypt.

Or, the US could send more jets.