Jew Hater Is A JEW!

Csanad Szegedi is a rising star in Hungarian politics since he plays a  key role in the right wing anti-Semitic Jobbik Party.  He enjoys giving speeches which denounce Jews, which claim that Jews do not  belong in his beloved Hungary and it is time to end Jewish attempts to purchase the  government of Hungary. He gives speeches dressed in  a  black uniform with striped flags, a variation of World War II pro-Hitler  Arrow Cross party  of his beloved Hungary. Arrow Cross members cooperated with the Nazis in rounding up Jews to be sent to death camps.

Much to his surprise, Csanad recently discovered his  grandparents were Jews and his grandmother survived Auschwitz. Several months ago, a convicted felon told him this story and Csanad tried to bribe him. His party is furious and threw him out. There are reports Csandad has visited a rabbi and is now contrite.

Such is life–and death.