Jew In The Box!

Many, many years ago I was working with teachers in rural areas of southern Missouri when a teacher asked a favor of me. She wanted me to visit her school so that students could actually see a Jew. I did go but discussed the Holocaust with students. Fast forward to 2013 and at the Jewish Museum in Berlin they have a special exhibit each day which is called: A Jew In The Box. Visitors can ask the Jew questions about the meaning of Judaism and what they think about issues in the world. I assume the belief is that all Jews share similar ideas about Judiasm or world events. JournalistMiriam Widman took a turn in the box and discvered the weirdness of this position. Stephen Kramer of the Central Council of Jews in Germany poses a question: “why don’t they give him a banana and a glass of water, turn up the heatand make the Jew feel real cozy in his glass box?”

Ms. Widman, originally felt rather insulted, but soon realized that many Germans simply had never actually seen a Jew and were curious about an era in their history. The world of their ancestors no longer exists. Who knows, if the German population continues to change, one day there will be a German in the box!