Jew Shoots Unarmed Palestinian

There are times when one should state facts factually without bias or attempt to cover up the shooting of an unarmed person. It is common for supposed supporters of the current Israel government and West Bank settlers to summon up this or that explanation for violence on the West Bank. My grandfather was among those beaten in Russia during the pogroms of 1905.

Of course, you remember when Jews were the OBJECTS of violence, not the initiators of violence. Why did Christians attack Jews? They believed Jews were violent people seeking to take away land and wealth from Christians so what better strategy than to attack them before they attacked you?

A picture in the Israel newspaper, Haaretz shows a bearded Jewish settler aiming his rifle at an unarmed Palestinian. The crime of Palestinians was to seek preventing Jewish settlers from burning their fields. I await another “explanation” from defenders of these thugs as to why it is in the name of “defense” for a man with a rifle to shoot another man who lacks any weapons.

I forgot, Palestinians throw stones so shoot them !