Jewish Anti-Semites In Israel

Many Orthodox Jews in Israel constantly complain that Arabs are into hatred of Jews and they prefer violence to negotiating about peace. Arab college students attending Safed Academic College have been threatened with violence by Jews. According to Osama Ghanaim, “rocks broke through my front windows” and when he called local police no one showed up for nearly four hours. Naturally, the police lacked any clues as to who was threatening Arab students with violence. Most of the thousands of Arab students attending the college either live in dorms or commute but about 70 inhabit private accomodations. A group of Rabbis stirred up anger by declaring that anyone who rents or leases apartments to Arabs is guilty of violating the Torah. At least 300 Rabbis have signed the statement classifying renting to non-Jews as a sin in the eyes of God.

Nazi Germany passed similar laws and restrictions against Jews but apparently Israel Jews believe such legislation is OK with God. Actually, similar regulations were in place within America for over a hundred years until declared unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court in 1965. What has happened to Israeli Jews who now urge Nazi style laws and restrictions against Israel citizens? The Israel Jew has met the enemy known as an “anti-Semite” only to discover he is the enemy.