Jewish Humor Upsets Japan’s Nissan

Throughout history, Jews have relied on humor to allay problems and concerns, but an Israeli ad has upset Japan’s Nissan corporation. An Israeli television commercial advertising Nissan cars in Israel depicted a group of Arab oil barons angered at the high fuel efficiency of a Nissan car. They become so enraged at a fuel-efficient Nissan Tida that one of them kicks the car, bangs on the hood and windshield wiper and heaps abuse on the vehicle. The ad so angered some Arab oil executives they have threatened to boycott Nissan cars in the Middle East. In a huffy and self righteous statement, Nissan told Arab leaders, “the commercial was produced by a local automobile distributor based on its own judgment and nissan Motor has nothing to do with the commercial.” Nissan ordered the ad pulled.

Ah, the conflicts of the Middle East. Ironically, many automobiles which advertise good mileage undoubtedly upset oil rich nations. Is the world to assume from now on all ads must be cleared by oil rich nations? Lighten up fellas, it’s only an ad.

  • Jeugenen


    Israel occupies that land usurped at the end of World War II from Palestinian territory, by the victorious British, for the colonial establishment of the millions of undesirable Marxist Jews, pathetic refugees from Hitler’s Nazi Germany and the USSR, who were categorically denied immigration into the United Kingdom and Europe.

    Historically, entire populations of Europeanized Jews had previously been forcefully expelled democratically by England, France, Spain, and Germany after experiencing their culturally unacceptable patterns of anti-Christian and criminal competition. Their recent notorious adherence to Marxist revolutionary ideology stigmatized them further, as morally despicable and politically dangerous people, except in America where a large competitive population of this type had never previously been experienced.

    Now, it is in the vital best interests of the United Nations of the World to formally accept Israel’s illegal existence as a permanent independent colony for all undesirable Jews from everywhere in World; after Israel and her supporting Diaspora formally apologizes, and justly and honorably agrees to fully compensate the Palestinians for all of their stolen territory, their destroyed infrastructure, and their losses of innocent lives.

    Because it is the Palestinians, not the Israelis, who have been unjustly denied the inalienable Human rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for the past 60 years; only the Palestinians have the moral power to sanction Israel’s right to permanently colonize Palestinian territory; and they shall grant that occupation right only after having received sufficient economic retribution to enable all desirable Palestinians to then happily emigrate and acquire education, property, and immigrant citizenship in those countries where their social and economic contributions are welcome.

  • mbig

    1. what “60 years’?
    From 1948-1967 JORDAN occupied and ANNEXED the West Bank.
    That’s who Israel won it from in 1967, NOT ‘palestine’.

    Arab countries apparenty knew not of thsi made up new sub-group ‘palestinians’.

    2. Israel wasn’t ‘Usurped’.
    Israel (and the rejected palestine), were created (Actually UN voted) from the balance of the Ottoman Empire (of which the Arabs got 99%), and the lesser British Mandate, from which Arabs got 87%. (77% Jordan, 10% Palestine).
    Jews got 13% of the mandate, 2/3 of which was State Land belonging to NO Arab, including the half alone of israel that is the Negev desert.

    So the Jews got 4% of the Pribvate land of the Mandate, much or which they already owned.

    3. Resolution 181 creating Isreal (and the arab rejected palestine) entailed NO Doisplacement or loss of land.
    All of that was the reult of the 1948 Arab-STARTED War.