Jewish Keystone Cops In Action

I was raised in an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood in the south Bronx. Just about all of them were elderly, walked with a stoop and definitely would not be mistaken for members of Special Forces. A Grand Jury just indicted four Orthodox Jewish rabbis and one of their sons for attempting to kidnap and force Jewish men into granting a divorce to their wives. Rabbi Epstein met with undercover agents and discussed his plan to use a cattle rod on a Jewish man, take him to a hideout and force him to sign a statement that granted a divorce to the wife. Rabbi Jay Goldstein and Rabbi Stimier put on Halloween masks, and armed with ropes, knives and cattle rods went to warehouse in New Jersey where they were allegedly going to force divorces.

OK, it did occur in New Jersey. OK, the Soprano mob was not informed about this crime escapade. OK, the bumbling group never actually got the opportunity to use any of their equipment on anyone. My hunch is this group really should discuss their crime goals with some real gangsters. Somehow, the image of a rabbi jumping from house to house armed with a cattle rod just does not register on my mind as the real world.