Jewish Liberals-Enemies Of Israel?

The state of Israel was founded by men and women who adhered to Socialist ideals of human rights and respect for each individual to enjoy free speech and freedom of religion. They understood the history of anti-semitism cast Jews as foreigners residing in Christian nations where they could never be accepted on  equal terms with  Christians. Yaakov Katz of the Nation Union party in Israel denounced fellow Jews in terms that well could have been expressed by any anti-semitic nut case. “This Law returns to the people and wrests it away from a small pathetic group, a bunch of Tel Avivian, secular Nerturei Karta that emanates a lack of love for  the people of Israel, and adheres to laws of the  gentiles.”

I assume Tom Jefferson or Abraham Lincoln realize to nationalist religious fanatics in Israel, they represent the evil of gentiles. An Israeli Jew who expresses concern for the rights of Muslims or Christians is now regarded as an”enemy of Israel.” Read Nazi comments about Jews. According to Nazi theory, Jews represent people with cosmopolitan ideas, people who regard intellectual ideas as more important than those of the state, they are aliens residing in the purse land of Nazi Germany. This is exactly what is being expressed by right wing religious conservatives in Israel who demonize those defending human rights. In their minds, modern ideas of human rights are contrary to ancient ideas  of the Torah.

Israel has come a long way from the ideas of Ben-Gurion and fellow Socialist founders of their nation.