Jewish Settlers Defies Logic And Judaism On West Bank

Nadia Matar, leader of the radical Jewish settler movement, Women in Green, expressed her anger at Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd who changed his nation’s policy by switching to support a UN resolution calling on Israel to cease building more settlements in the West Bank. However, according to Ms. Matar, “who are you to tell me I am not allowed to build here, in my homeland? Jews are allowed to build in France, in New York, in Australia, but I am not allowed to build here?” She believes the Oslo accords with Palestinians was a “criminal betrayal” of Jews and the peace treaty with Egypt w as a “tragic mistake.” Perhaps, one could smile at the stubborn refusal of Ms. Matar to come to grips with reality, but her attitude is also found among many Israeli citizens who continue believing their nation does not have to compromise.

In 1972, there were 1182 Jewish settlers in the West Bank, today, there are about 282,00. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has come the full cycle and now accepts the need for compromise and evacuation of the West Bank if Israel is to achieve lasting peace. If people like Ms. Matar have power, Israel is condemned to another fifty years of fighting and anger and killing.