Jewish Settlers Fire Into Unarmed Palestinians

An Israel human rights group released footage which shows Jewish settlers in Hebron shooting at unarmed Palestinians. Israel police had forced settlers to evacuate a house which resulted in fighting between the settlers and police, but the settlers were not content with merely attacking their own police, but attacked innocent Palestinian bystanders. The video footage shows a settler shooting at Hosni Bua Se’ifan and his father who both were wounded. Palestinians grabbed the gun and turned the shooter over to the police. A question is why police were not able to prevent settlers from running wild through the streets of Hebron attacking people.

Robert Serry, the UN Midle East coordinator, said, “I condemn the ensuing violence and attacks by Israeli settlers against Palestinian civilians.” Of course, on the plus side, Israeli police acted against their own people in attempting to curb violence. How many Arab police forces would protect Jewish civilians. It is time to close down Israel settlements on the West Bank and restore the area to its rightful owners– Palestinians.

  • journeyer58

    In the words of an esteemed and honored philosopher and intellectual, We have met the enemy and he is us.”
    The Jewish settlers that are committing these horrific atrocities are claiming that they are doing these things in the name of a “Jewish Homeland.”
    These so-called settlers, have learned from the best how to control and eliminate a population that they do not wish to have anything to do with. They have learned the effectiveness of apartheid, from the White South Africans, they have learned to kill and separate families from the Nazis. I make no bones that the atrocities that are being foisted upon the Palestinian people are Genocide and that the Israelis are doing what had been done to them during the Second World War. They are trying to eliminate the opposition through inhumane means and are purveyors of hate crimes and war crimes. It is a sad state of affairs when a people that have been the recipient of such horrific behaviour from the world, should then turn around and do the very same things to those who are trying to live.
    Each act of cruelty, each act of behaviour that is against the Tor’ah, makes the Jewish people accountable for these very acts.
    Should not the Jewish people have learned that an eye for an eye, does not lead to peace but only to the destruction of a people’s heart?
    The soul of Israel is becoming burned, the hearts of the people are not seeking G-d, they are only protecting land, and in the process killing in the name of their G-d. How horrid this must feel, every time an attack is launched from Israel into the Occupied Territories?

  • Fred Stopsky

    It is not “genocide.” The word genocide has a meaning and there is absolutely no evidence Israel is committing a policy of genocide. There is no systematic government ordered policy to kill every single person belonging to a group. That is the meaning of genocide. To compare the killing of several hundred or even several thousand with the genocidal policies of Nazi Germany destroys the meaning of genocide.
    I oppose Israel government policies, but I also oppose policies of corrupt, incompetent Arab nations. Hopefully, we understand the meaning of words. I suspect you wish to manipulate words to suit your desires.