Jewish Summit To Build Synagogue In NYC

I have been informed from authoritative sources that a high level summit meeting is currently being held in a Bronx tenement building where Jewish leaders from all parts of the world are discussing a proposed construction of a synagogue which would rise about three blocks from the sacred ground of Ground Zero. Delegates from Israel raised the question as to whether building a synagogue in New York City would encourage Muslim activists in East Jerusalem to demand a new mosque. However, the American Jewish lobby wants to hold off on any new synagogue because to build one only encourages Muslims to demand concessions on the West Bank. A prominent Rabbi supported construction on ground it could serve as a planning center for the International Communist Jewish Bankers Committee which intends to have their number one man in the White House, Jewboy Obama, be a regular secret visitor to the center.

Of course, there are always right wing Christian fundamentalists who demand equal access and want a church built near the West Wall In Jerusalem. I believe it is an excellent idea to build a synagogue near Ground Zero. Of course, there are those opposing the building on grounds since Mossad agents were behind the 9/11 bombing, it is inappropriate to allow a religion associated with radical extremism to have their own house of worship near our sacred ground. Newt Gingrich has come out demanding no new synagogue until Israel allows Christians to take over the West Bank and build dozens of churches. As he so eloquently put it, “the day we Christians can tear down the West Wall in Jerusalem and build our own wall in memory of Jesus Christ is the day Jews can build synagogues in our Christian country. He is also demanding that Israel recognize the United States as a “Christian nation.”

I am certain once Islamic groups learn about the new synagogue they will demand a mosque near our sacred ground Zero.