Jewish “Terrorists” Scare Kiwi Folk

To those of us who at one point or another in our lives as Jews prayed during the day with our “tefillin” it is no surprising that some nice Christian New Zealanders thought one of them damn Muslim suicide bombers was going to blow up the ferry. They saw a man with two boxes, one apparently taped to his leg and one on his forehead began to mumble some prayers or something like that before he was ready to…. Well, it turns out an Orthodox Jew was going through a normal prayer activity in which one uses a small black leather box called a “tefillin” which contains verses from the Bible that are taped to arms and forehead. Some observers thought he had wired his body and was about to blow up the entire damned ship. The ship got safely to port and the captain notified police who investigated the Israeli tourist.

Imagine if the tourists were Muslim. There would have been an outcry about preventing Muslims from going through their weird praying activities and why couldn’t they pray the normal way, you know, the Christian way??